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KOSFO is back

After Poseidon left KS, Jupe has decided to take control of KOSFO and it's now back active again. First major tournament started today (15 August 2015) and it's KOSFO Newcomers Championship. It's hosted to bring in fresh players in the ranking. You can read about it on the tournaments page. After that, the Battle of Titans tournament will be hosted 10 September 2015 and after that it will be a new tournament almost every month, so it will be busy and a lot of fun!

Today, the draws was also made for the KOSFO Newcomers Championship. They look like this: 

Jupe vs Aves
Myrmidon vs Sirjax
Dom vs Jonny
Reginaldus vs SuperDareDevil

It will be four exciting matches and we're looking forward to see them and how they end up like.

That's it for now!


First round draw KS Championship

The draw for the KS Championship has been done. The tournament will have a draw bracket, which can be found at the ''fixtures and results'' page. There you can see which fighter will meet who in which round eventually.

Current #1 ranked Reginaldus could have had a better draw when he got Derk as his first round opponent. Derk who is a multiple Major champion might knock out the #1 ranked very soon.

#2 ranked Poseidon will begin his campaign against America's SuperDareDevil, last called being not too active and therefore not seeded in the tournament.

Jupe, who got the #3 spot after reaching #3 in the competition battle, will face Iris in a clash of two KS LDR's.

The reigning KOSFO Cup champion RandomBlueGuy has a tough draw in Fearless-Soldier, who is not too active but can cause serious trouble for the Englishman.

The #5 ranked Jonny will face Holland's Gaby, who is #16 on the ranking and got a free ticket from KOSFO.

Scottland's Aves, the #6 ranked, will fight Myrmidon in her first round match. The Turk is known for being impatient in the KOSFO matches, so she'll be happy with that draw.

Malinda from England who is #7 ranked at the moment doesn't know her opponent yet, just like #8 ranked Jyles. Both will get an opponent that signs up for the tournament, meaning that they can have an easy or tough draw ahead of them.

The tournament will be very important, since in this tournament you can get the most points of all Majors. The next Major that will take place during summer is the Battle of Titans, a competition between the top 8 ranked in KOSFO Ranking. Who will be in these top 8 places is hard to tell before this tournament, but it's very important to get those points in the pocket too.


Change of KS Championship participants

With Slayaa leaving some things have changed in the ranking and also in the qualification spots for the KS Championship. The KOSFO has decided to take the current ranking after the KOSFO Competition battle for the qualification of this tournament. No fighters are harmed by this, there's only advantages. Here the list of the top 8 that qualified:

1. Reginaldus

2. Poseidon

3. Jupe

4. RandomBlueGuy

5. Jonny


7. Malinda

8. Jyles

There were also 2 preliminaries listed, both haven't been fought though. The most active of those two matches are Myrmidon and Iris, so both are qualified for the tournament as well.

Also qualified are the top 2 non qualified from the Non Major Ranking. Those spots went to Derk and Fearless-Soldier. That means only 4 spots are left, since the KOSFO thinks there are not enough fighters available to have a tournament to give away these tickets, some active ranked fighters have been chosen to participate. Gaby was the only actually active fighter still on. SuperDareDevil has also been added as non seed since his activity is low. Last 2 spots are given away via signing up, first two signing up will compete in the event.


League part of KS Competition battle to an end

Today was the last day to fight for the Competition Battle, and this day was used a lot to get the last fights done before the inactivity cut was done. The 4 players that got a semi final ticket are Reginaldus, Jyles, Jupe and Poseidon. Reginaldus came first with an impressive 8 out of 9 points, only losing to Scottish Aves. Jyles came second with the same amount of points as Reginaldus, but lost to Regi and is therefor placed under the Estonian. The third place went to Jupe, who won 6 out of 9 matches and that's the same amount as Poseidon had. The Swede won against Poseidon though, so he was placed above him. Aves got the same amount as Poseidon and Jupe, but lost to both of them and that's why she's 5th. Jonny ended sixth after a slow start with losing multiple matches in a row. Seventh spot went to Dutchie Iris, who got 3 points because of the ones who were too inactive to participate and leaving. #8 went to SuperDareDevil, #9 to Slayaa and #10 to RBG. Slayaa left KS and lost all matches because of that and is also removed from ranking.


Big part of KS Championship participants revealed

The KS Championship, starting June 10th, has 16 spots. Of these 16 spots, 10 have been announced already. The current top 8 of the KOSFO Ranking (without counting RandomBlueGuy) will be the seeds for this event. This means Regi, Poseidon, Jonny, Jupe, SuperDareDevil, Aves, Malinda and Slayaa will all receive a ticket for the event.

Also, the top 2 non qualified from Non Major Ranking right now will qualify, being Derk and Fearless-Soldier both very strong fighters the seeds don't want to draw against in first round.

The remaining spots will be filled by two preliminaries, between Turkish Myrmidon and Holland's Gaby and the other one between Mexico's Lion and Holland's Iris. These matches will be best of 5. These fights need to be finished before 31 May, otherwise the most active gets the ticket.

The last 4 spots will be awarded to the winners and finalists of two hosted tournaments, in which non qualified people can join ( the losers of the preliminaries are also allowed to join ).

RBG announces short break
KOSFO Cup winner RandomBlueGuy has recently announced on the guestbook he won't be active until late June because of exams. The #3 ranked will automatically withdraw from the KS Competition Battle because of this and also his KS Championship ticket will be awarded to Northern Ireland's Slayaa, who will now participate as the #8 seed in the event. The KOSFO hopes to see RBG back soon.



The first Major title of the year goes to England's RandomBlueGuy. RBG fought Poseidon in the KOSFO Cup final which wasn't that exciting at all. RBG got a quick 4-0 lead cause of some great timing, before Poseidon fought back to get 1 point on the scoreboard, but not starting a comeback as the Englishman made it 5-1 and takes the first price of this Major!

Also the next Major has started right away, all results of that Major can be viewed on the fixtures and results page.


An English vs Holland KOSFO Cup final

After Reginaldus gave RandomBlueGuy the win in their KOSFO Cup semi final, RBG will now move on to face Poseidon in the KOSFO Cup final. At stake is probably the #1 ranked position and the first Major title of the season. In a best of 9 match, both fighters will decide who takes the honor of being the first Major winner at the new KOSFO.


Another interrupted Non Major

Today was another active day for KS, and when the clan was thinking about what to do, they decided a Non Major should be hosted. This is exactly what happened. A recordbreaking 12 people joined in this Non Major, who were placed in 4 groups of 3. A long list of people joined in then, with Vulpix and BluePhantom being debutants. Also joining were #2 ranked Reginaldus, Jupe, Malinda, Dictator, Jyles, Aves, Jonny, Gaby, SuperDareDevil and Derk. 

In the first round we had to say goodbye to BluePhantom, Malinda, Jonny and Gaby who all didn't manage to get at least second in their groups. All get +10 on the ranking for joining in though. During this group stage a clan called TKC decided to raid KS, which went 15-1 to KS. The delay for the tournament was not too big.

In the Quarter finals, #1's of groups met #2's of groups. In one of those matches #2 ranked Reginaldus secured a run to the #1 position by edging out Dictator 2-0. In another one, America's Jyles got rid of his last place on ranking by winning 2-0 to fellow American SuperDareDevil. The story of debutant Vulpix was over in this round too, as Jupe got a 2-0 victory over her. Meanwhile Derk showed himself at the KOSFO again by going to the semi final by beating Aves 2-0.

Jyles met Reginaldus in this semi final, first called really aiming for a final spot for the first time in KOSFO again after his past achievements in the KOSFO. This didn't happen for him as he lost 2-0 to in form Reginaldus, going to another final after already winning 3 tournaments before and getting the #1 position alone now. Sweden's Jupe met Derk in the other semi final, and after a very very long battle which was made a best of 1, the Swede won 1-0 because Derk froze and poofed.

In the long final between Jupe and Reginaldus, the Estonian got the first point making it 1-0 in his favor. Then another long fight happened, with Jupe becoming very low with Regi on 100%, but Regi couldn't finish Jupe off at that specific moment. Later on he did get the job done, and Regi won another tournament at the KOSFO, even his fourth in a row which is a massive achievement. That's why he will move to #1 ranked, having the points for KOSFO Cup not added yet, and he'll stay there for a long time for sure.

The longest one day tourney ever
Today KS Tour event 2 was played with 8 people joining in to get the quite easy high amount of points available. Just one debutant was in the field, being Holland's Gaby. Beside her, #1 and #2 ranked Poseidon and Reginaldus joined in the event both trying to aim for that #1 position. Also, KOSFO Cup semi finalist Jonny kept his activity in KOSFO going by joining. British girls Aves and Malinda putted effort in getting more points too. Last 2 in the field were Leader Jupe and SuperDareDevil.
In the first round there were 3 one sided matches, but also one that showed why the longer matches can be nice. Reginaldus had no problems with Dear Jonny, getting a 3-0 win. Poseidon and Jupe fought in a LDR battle for a semi final spot, which went 3-0 to Poseidon, also cause of some connection struggles for the Swede. Malinda and Aves didn't have a lot of tension in their match too, 3-0 to the Scot. The match between Gaby and SuperDareDevil was a tight one, though. In 5 quick fights it went from 2-2 to 3-2 in SDD's favor, but debutant Gaby showed some skills by giving SDD a tough time.
In the semi finals, SuperDareDevil and Aves met eachother. The American seemed to be in form, since he left no chances for Aves to even think of a final, 3-0. In the other semi final, #1 and #2 ranked Poseidon and Reginaldus met. In the first Non Major last called beat Poseidon 2-0 in the final, but this time the match was closer. After a long fight Poseidon got the first point, 1-0. Then another long fight went just to Reginaldus which meant the match would be really long. However, during the third fight RC raided KS which gave a lot of delay to the tournament that ended after a very long time. Poseidon and Regi decided to have one more fight after the raid. In another long one, Reginaldus claimed another final spot with a 2-1 victory.
The final took a lot less time than the other fights. Regi and SDD went to another room to fight the final over there, but soon came back telling Reginaldus got another KOSFO tournament win with a 3-0 win over SDD.


Summary Semi Finals KOSFO Cup

Fatty first person in final

After a smooth and fast 4-0 victory over Belgium's Jonny, Poseidon was the first fighter this year to reach a Major final and with that a Champions League ticket as well. The Fatty got a quick 1-0 lead, then had some struggles in the second fight but still turning it around into a win. Then the match was pretty much played and Poseidon could quite easily go to a 4-0 victory.

RandomBlueGuy moves on to final

Just before the deadline RandomBlueGuy got a win after a withdraw from Reginaldus. They were fighting as the score hit 2-1 and Reginaldus had to leave, saying RandomBlueGuy was allowed to move to the final. The Englishman will face Poseidon for the first Major title this season.


Full field of players for KS Competition Battle

Within a day all 10 spots for the Competition Battle has been signed up for, with no debutants appearing in this Major tournament. 9 players that played in the KOSFO Cup will also fight in this Major, with American Jyles being the only one within the players that didn't compete in the Cup, which basically is the reason that he starts as the lowest ranked in this tournament. 

The current #1 ranked Reginaldus will also join in, with other KOSFO Cup semi finalists Poseidon, Jonny and RandomBlueGuy also participating in the event. All hope to keep their nice spots on the ranking in this tournament. 

Quarter Finalists Jupe, Iris, and Slayaa will also try to get into the top 4 in this competition, before trying to get higher in the ranking.

Scotland's Aves and America's SuperDareDevil also give it a try in this Major. Being pretty high ranked and could eventually aim for a top 3 spot in the ranking after this Major

The tournament will start as soon as the KOSFO Cup is over, all matches will be the best of 1!

KOSFO Cup Semi Final Draw
After the completion of the Quarter Finals, which saw no activity cuts what is a brilliant achievement, the Semi Final draw has been done. The top 4 ranked at the start of this Major are still in the tournament, which is very surprising in a random draw tournament like the KOSFO Cup. The #1 ranked Reginaldus will meet the #3 ranked Englishman RandomBlueGuy in their semi final clash. The other semi final sees a Belgian vs a Dutchman meet when it's Jonny vs Poseidon. Who will be this year's first Major finalists and the first 2 to achieve a Champions League ticket? We're going to see this soon.


Summary Quarter Finals KOSFO Cup

First match of the quarter finals was the one between Sweden's Jupe and England's RandomBlueGuy. Last called took a quick 3-0 lead against Jupe, but because of some confusement about how many fights were necessary the match finished later with 4-0. RandomBlueGuy got his well deserved ticket for the semi final.

Also to the next round is Reginaldus, who got a victory over Iris who will now enter the KOSFO Ranking after joining without being on it. The score at the end was 4-1, with Regi winning 4 fights the usual way and Iris winning one because Reginaldus went brb in the middle of the fight ( according to rule 3 this gives a win to the opponent ). Regi is well underway to defend his #1 position with the semi final ticket.

Third match of the Quarter Finals was Poseidon vs Slayaa who both had clear first round wins. In 4 quite long fights spread over 2 sessions on 2 days the Dutchman got the semi final ticket, when Slayaa will get 80 points for getting to the Quarter Final. With RBG, Reginaldus and Poseidon all three still in the race for the title, the #1 position after the Major is still not sure yet.

The last match was a very tight one. Malinda and Jonny paused the match when it was 2-2, and a couple of days later they continued. It became 3-3 in this match which meant a tie break in the first very close match of the KOSFO. This last fight went to Belgium's Jonny, which gave him a semi final ticket. The draw for this semi final will now be done.

Another day, another Non Major
Tonight a Non Major was hosted that included 8 fighters, 4 being new to the ranking. Within those 8 were former #1 ranked Poseidon and the one he meets for the KOSFO Cup, Slayaa. Also birthday girl Aves and SuperDareDevil, who both lost in the KOSFO Cup already, joined. The newcomers included former multiple tournament winner Jyles, but also Godlike-Sv, Fearless-Soldier and ElizabethGrantlana.
The first round saw Scottisch Aves meet Northern Irish Slayaa, which the last called won with a 2-0 victory. This ended a streak of Aves who reached 2 semi finals in a row, but couldn't give herself a b-day present.
Another match was between newcomers Jyles and Fearless-Soldier. Fearless, recruited by Jyles himself, made the comeback from Jyles at the KOSFO a short one by winning 2-0 against the American.
Poseidon met ElizabethGrantLana in the first round, with Poseidon taking a 1-0 lead before Lana hit back to 1-1. Last fight went to Poseidon who went to his third semi final in a row, making a final out of the last 2.
In the last fight SuperDareDevil won 2-0 against Godlike-Sv, which meant another good Non Major for the American.
In the semi finals Slayaa met Poseidon, what can be seen as the warming up to their Quarter Final clash at the KOSFO Cup. In two pretty long fights the Dutchman got 2 points and the victory, going into his 3rd final out of 3 tournaments he joined.
Meanwhile, Fearless-Soldier showed great skills by beating SuperDareDevil 2-0 and moving to the final at his KOSFO debut.
In this final Fearless got a quick 1-0 lead in the match with great timing giving Poseidon not too many chances. The second fight went even quicker and Fearless got the Non Major win at his debut, when Poseidon lost his 3rd final in a row.


Quarter Final draw KOSFO Cup

The Quarter Final draw for the KOSFO Cup has been made. The eight remaining fighters will start fighting their best of 7 matches right away.

The winner of the match between Reginaldus and Dictator will meet Iris in the quarter final, while RandomBlueGuy will meet Jupe. 

The next quarter final is between Belgium's Jonny and England's Malinda, when the last Quarter Final match is fought between Poseidon and Slayaa.


Summary first round KOSFO Cup

The first battle fought in a Major since the restart was the one between SuperDareDevil and RandomBlueGuy. In a one-sided match last called got a 3-0 win and moves on to the quarter finals.

Second match of this year's KOSFO Cup was a clash between Holland's Poseidon and Scotland's Aves. Within 15 minutes the Fatty claimed his spot in the quarter finals with a 3-0 win, with Aves getting 60 points for qualifying. 

Lion had to withdraw from the KOSFO Cup, because of computer problems. This means that his opponent, Iris, gets a free round and is qualified for the quarter finals without fighting a single fight in KOSFO so far.

The big match of first round between Slayaa and Derk became a best of 3 instead of 5. Slayaa won this match with a 2-0 victory over the 2 time Major winner and will now see who she meets in the Quarter finals.

Malinda automatically won, because of multiple times denying to fight by Myrmidon. Also Jonny got an auto win because of inactivity over CataleyaSistah, and the same goes for Jupe who wins against Spawn.

The match between Reginaldus and Dictator gets more time to finish. 

First round draw of KOSFO Cup
Straight after the first KS Tour event, the first round draw of the the KOSFO Cup Major has been made. 15 ranked people made 1 more person necessary, and Iris was the one claiming the ticket first. The random draw of the KOSFO Cup makes big matches in early stages possible.
The biggest match of them all will be Derk vs Slayaa, with both being seen as the top fighter within KS. The current #1 ranked Reginaldus got in Dictator his first round opponent. Rankingwise Poseidon ( #2 ) and Aves ( #6 ) got the worst draw of all matches when meeting each other. The winner of the first Non Major, RandomBlueGuy, meets SuperDareDevil in his first round. Belgium's Jonny will face Sweden's CataleyaSistah for a second round spot, while the other Swede being Jupe will meet Spawn. Myrmidon and Malinda will also face each other for the next round. Lion ( the #15 ranked ) and Iris ( who is not even ranked ) got the best draw, since they are the lowest ''ranked'' and are meeting each other.
The KOSFO Cup will start on wednesday, with the first round being the best of 5 fights.
First KS Tour event great success
Today the last chance to get a place for the KOSFO Cup took place with the first of 5 KS Tour events in this year of KOSFO. 12 people wanted to grab points for the ranking in this best of 5 matches tournament. Between those 12 were #1 ranked Reginaldus and RandomBlueGuy, who both wanted to stick to that position. Former #1 ranked Poseidon and Derk also joined in the event, with Jupe, Aves, Malinda, Dert, Jonny and Spawn being known names at the KOSFO as well. Newcomers on the ranking are Dictator and  CataleyaSistah, who managed to both grab a ticket for the KOSFO Cup just before the doors closed.
 In the first round some nice matches were scheduled, with an all-Sweden clash between Jupe and CataleyaSistah, which went to Jupe with 3-0, meaning that Jupe will lose his last spot. Then a rematch of last weeks Non Major final between Reginaldus and Jonny was fought. In the final it was 2-0 to Reginaldus, and this time it was 3-0 for the same guy. Dutchie Poseidon then met Turkey's Myrmidon, in which Myrmidon gave up at a 2-0 score in Poseidon's favor. A clash of women was also scheduled, with Aves and Malinda meeting each other, having a long match ending 3-1 to Aves. The fifth match was between Derk and RandomBlueGuy, who had a long battle having struggles with tallymisses ( according to them ) on both sides. Then Blue gave up, saying he never wants to fight Derk again, while Derk said he couldn't stand all the misses. Latecomers Dictator and Spawn then had the final match, but Spawn lagged out pretty soon and he didn't come back, making Dictator move on to the next round.
In the second round, Jupe and Aves met again after meeting last week as well. Last week Aves got a 2-0 win over the Swede, but this time the roles were turned with Jupe winning with a clear 3-0 and moving on to the final. A Dutch clash between Poseidon and Derk went surprisingly to the Fatty with 1-0, since the match took too long for a best of 5. In the last match of the three, Reginaldus had a clear 3-0 win over Dictator, meaning that Regi went to his second final in a row.
Since there were 3 people in this final, they all fought each other in a best of 3 to decide who would win this first KS Tour event. First match was between Reginaldus and Poseidon, which went after 2 fights to Reginaldus. Then Reginaldus also beat Jupe with 2-0 to claim his second KOSFO tournament win in a row, being #1 of the ranking when going into the KOSFO Cup. In the battle for the second place, Jupe came in front 1-0 before Poseidon came back to 1-1 and then winning the match 2-1.
Info about KOSFO Cup
A week from now the first Major of the year will commence, the KOSFO Cup. The top 16 ranked in the KOSFO Ranking will be competing in this event. Right now though, there are just 12 people on the ranking. The KOSFO will try to get at least 16 people on the ranking before the end of the KS Tour event from this sunday. In the case of less than 16 ranked fighters, some will get a free round in the first round of this event. In the case that there are more than 16, but spot 16 is shared by multiple people, the ones with the least of Non Majors will get a ticket. If then there are still people tied for that spot, preliminaries will have to be played between these people in order to get a ticket. Sunday evening after the KS Tour event, the KOSFO will announce the draw for the KOSFO Cup together with who gets a free round or who need to fight a preliminary first. This may all sound very complicated, but will be self-explaining when one of the problems occurs.


2 fighters on top of KOSFO now

The announced Non Major of today had 8 people joining in, with Jonny, SDD, Reginaldus, and yesterday's winner RandomBlueGuy who all fought yesterday as well being among them. Beside them were also recently joined Malinda and Aves, but also Myrmidon and former #4 ranked Jupe. In the first round yesterday's winner and current #1 ranked RandomBlue faces SuperDareDevil, but immediately there came an end to his winning streak when he lost 2-1 to the American. Meanwhile the former #4 ranked Jupe lost to debutant Aves with a clear 2-1, as expected. Another debutant, Malinda, didn't have such a great start like Aves by going down 1-2 to Jonny. Reginaldus got a win by Dert giving up after a long fight. In the semi's Regi did win in a usual way by defeating SDD 2-0. Jonny, who himself says to never get passed round 1, also won his semi-final, against Aves with 2-1. The final between Belgium's Jonny and Estonia's Regi was a quick one, as Regi won it quite easily with 2-0. With this win Regi is numer 1 together with Blue!


Battle of Titans to be played in summer, first KS Tour Event scheduled

At the first version of KOSFO, the summer was an empty period in which barely any tournaments were played simply because a lot of people were not at home and able to play.

Still the summer period is usually a pretty active period in Sherwood and that's why the KOSFO decided to put one of the Majors this summer. The Battle of Titans, which features the top 8 ranked fighters, will have approximately 2 months to be finished, which should be enough even with the vacations of fighters.

This Major was the only one that could possibly be organised in summer, because it has a competition system, meaning there won't have to be inactivity cuts and surely not when it can take 2 months. It does mean the top 8 won't have too much rest, but this shouldn't afffect too much of course.

Like always a lot of Non Majors will be hosted during this period as well, so in that way also non top 8 have a chance to still get points.

Also, the first KS Tour event of the restart is scheduled. The tournament, famous for being a one day tournament but having best of 5 matches, will be hosted 29 March at 8 PM CET. 

This year, the KOSFO will restart counting points for KS Tour Events after 5 hosted events, meaning that when someone gets 50 points in KS Tour event #1 and gets 30 points in KS Tour event #1 after #5 has been finished, this person will get 20 points less on ranking than before the event. This is to avoid having fighters walk away from the rest too far and new fighters not having a fair chance to become high in the rankings. As from this year the KS Tour events will also count for the Non Major ranking, which means you can qualify for the Non Major Championship tournament later this year by doing well in these tournaments.

Another nice fact to know is that right after the upcoming first KS Tour event, the 16 qualifiers for the KOSFO Cup will be announced and the draw will be made with the tournament commencing 3 days later.

A usual tourney turns out to be a Non Major
Former #4 ranked Jupe decided as KS leader to host a tournament when there were enough people in base. Right after it started, Poseidon told him KOSFO would restart again, and the tournament would be a Non Major. 8 fighters were in this first Non Major of the new KOSFO including former #1 ranked Poseidon himself, 2 time Major winner Derk and former top 10 fighter Jonny. Also joining were new KS faces Slayaa and RandomBlueGuy. The last 2 were members of the old KS, being Reginaldus, Lion and former Councillor SuperDareDevil. In the first round Reginaldus faced RandomBlueGuy and in a tight battle Blue won the match with 2-1. Dutchman Poseidon went off to a good start again by beating Jonny 2-0. SuperDareDevil had not too many problems beating Lion 2-0, while the true clash of the first round between Derk and Slayaa ended in 1-0 to the two time Major champion after the match took too long for a best of 3. In the semi finals, Derk had another very long fight, this time against RandomBlueGuy, that went on for like 40 minutes before RC interrupting with a raid. Derk then decided to give the win to Blue, which means Blue got to the final at his debut in the KOSFO. In the other semi-final Poseidon faced SuperDareDevil, and ''Fatty'' took the win with a 2-0 victory. Then the final commenced, with the #1 ranking position at stake and the honor of being the first Non Major winner after KOSFO's comeback up for grabs. The first fight went on for a pretty long time, but then Poseidon had a short issue with Firefox which costed him the fight since Blue took full advantage. The second fight went to Poseidon which made a tie break necessary in this first Non Major. Long both didn't get low, but when Poseidon did it was over right away. RandomBlueGuy was the deserved winner of the first Non Major at his debut! Beside that he got the #1 ranking position as well, being the fourth different #1 in the history of KOSFO. With the KOSFO Cup starting at 1 April ( with draw being made at 28 March ) he can barely miss out on this Major too.
With the restart of KS and the recent activity that it showed, the KOSFO has decided to open its doors again for all KS people that like fighting and competition. Not much will change from the first KOSFO, only some new rules ( like the option of making matches shorter when it's taking very long ) and the requirements for some Majors are added. The KOSFO hopes this version will be as successful as the first one and looks forward to the rest of the year.


KOSFO starts new serie of tournaments

The Keepers of Souls Fighting Organisation has scheduled a new serie of tournaments that will be called the KS Tour events. The KS Tour events can be seen as one day Sub Majors in which there will be a time and date for on which it will take place. A KS Tour event is different from a Non Major tournament, which is also a one day tournament. A KS Tour event has a longer format, which will be best of 5 and has no group stage in the first round. Points given for a KS Tour event are higher than points given for a Non Major. A winner of a Non Major achieves 50 points for winning it, when a winner of a KS Tour event wins 90 points for winning it. A total summary of a KS Tour event point system:

Winner - 90points

Finalist - 80 points

Semi Finalist - 60 points

Quarter Finalist - 50 points

Joining in - 30 points

The KS Tour events dates will be at the top of this page at ''Calendar''. You can write them down somewhere or simply look at the Calendar multiple times a week.

Welcome to the Keepers of Souls Fighting Organisation site

This is the official site of the Keepers of Souls Fighting Organisation ( KOSFO ). This is the organisation in KS that organises the fighting in the clan. We do this in a competitive way of which we inform you on this site. 
The KOSFO is an organisation that hosts the tournaments in the clan. More information about the tournaments from the KOSFO can be found at the page ''Tournaments info''.
The KOSFO has a schedule for the whole year. On this schedule are particulary the major tournaments in a year. There are multiple major tournaments in a year in which you can participate by the KOSFO ranking. More information about this ranking can be found at the page ''KOSFO Ranking''.
The head goal of the KOSFO is making a good organised competitive sphere in the tournaments.