Keepers of Souls Fighting Organisation

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Tournament Rules

1. Fair Play and respecting your opponent are the most important

2. Not playing fair ( breaking rule 1 ) is a disqualification in the whole tourney and -400 points on KOSFO ranking. Not playing fair means hacking, the KOSFO decides what's hacking and what's not. Heavily insulting your opponent ( breaking rule 1 again ) can cost you the match.

3. Brb in the middle of a fight is winning the single fight for the opponent, if someone poofs the opponent wins the single fight too

4. Interruption from others means a restart of the fight. In every situation ignore the interrupter, doesn't matter who it is.

5. Only KOSFO hosters can host KOSFO tournaments, tournaments not hosted by a KOSFO hoster do not count for any of the rankings

6. Both fighters should tell the result to the KOSFO to make sure the right result is given

 7. Leaving the clan resets your score by a comeback in the clan to 0

8. You can resign for a major before it starts, in this situation the next person who should participate will be chosen. By the top 32 participating, the #33 gets the ticket of the one resigning. When more people are on the same spot the one with the smallest amount of non majors will be chosen.

9. You can be inactive in a year, that's no problem, but keep in mind that if it takes a year that you may lose a lot of points on the ranking and miss a lot of tournaments.

10. You can not donate points to each other, losing on purpose will and can not be punished

11. If the KOSFO notices inactivity of a member in the middle of a major, the opponent of this person wins automatically.

12, When a KOSFO employee counted 3 tallymisses in 1 fight, the lagg is too big to continue and a private room needs to be chosen. When there are 3 tallymisses again, the one having them loses the match. Never complain to a referee about pm misses. Lagging can only be noticed by tallymisses. Like said earlier, freezing makes you lose the single fight too

13. When someone had a free pass in a non major, someone else gets it the next time ( someone who didn't have one yet ).

14. If there is an announced Non Major and the activity is beneath 8 members, the attenders get +20 on ranking.

15. When a match is taking too long the KOSFO can make the format shorter. This to avoid boredom and endless matches. Fighters can request this or the KOSFO can do this when it thinks it's necessary.

16. In a Major with breaks/pauses, a break can be skipped when both fighters want to continue. These breaks can be used for whatever a fighter needs them for ( a drink or a cig ).

The Major tournaments and their starting dates ( all starting dates are not sure for 100%)

KOSFO  Newcomers Championship

The KOSFO Newcomers Championship is the chance for new members who join in the middle of the year to get a good position in the ranking. In this tournament there is a signing up, means that it's not based on the KOSFO ranking but anyone can join in. The first 8 get a place in this tournament.

Quarter finals: Best of 7

Semi finals: Best of 9

Final: Best of 11

Point system:

Winner KOSFO Newcomers Championship --- 250 points + ticket Champions League

Finalist --- 160 points + ticket  Champions League

Semi finalist --- 80 points 

Quarter finalist --- 40 points

First round --- 20 points

KS Battle of Titans ( Starts 10 September 2015 )

In this tournament the top 8 of the KOSFO ranking fight eachother in a competition. This means that every participant fights every other participant once in a best of 4 match. This means that a draw is possible in this competition and to win you need to win 4 fights. A draw gives you 1 points, a win gives you 2. The top 4 of the competition table fight eachother in a semi final. #1 against #4 and #2 against #3. This is a best of 7 match. Then there is the final which is a best of 9 match.

Points system:

Winner of the KS Battle of Titans --- 300 points + ticket Champions League

Finalist --- 250 points

Semi finalists --- 150 points

#5 --- 100 points

#6 --- 80 points

#7 --- 50 points

#8 --- 30 points

KOSFO Non Major Championship ( Starts 20 October 2015)

This tournament includes the best 16 of this years Non Major tournaments. The ranking for this tournament is a different one from the KOSFO Ranking. You'll get more points for the KOSFO ranking than in a tourney like the KOSFO Cup.

First round --- best of 3 fights

Quarter finals --- Best of 5 fights

Semi finals --- Best of 7 fights

Final --- Best of 9 fights

This is the second tournament of the year when fighters get pauses of ±10 minutes after 7 fights, so that is from the Quarter Finals ( see KOSFO KS Championship for more info ).

Point system:

KOSFO  Non Major Championship winner --- 350 points + ticket Champions League

Finalist --- 250 points + ticket Champions League

Semi Finalists --- 150 points

Quarter finalists --- 90 points 

 First round --- 50 points

KOSFO Winter League ( starts 1 December 2015 )

This tournament should be a tournament in which not a lot people will be inactive. That will be because of the following reason: there will be 4 qualify tournaments in which the 16 people who achieved the most points in these tournaments ( the points will be as much as in Non Majors ) will be in the head tournament, the Winter League. The top 8 of this ranking will be drawn against a #9-#16 of this tiny ranking. 

The format:

First round --- Best of 3 fights

Quarter finals --- best of 5 fights

Semi final --- best of 7 fights

Final --- best of 9 fights

Point system:

KOSFO Winter League winner --- 200 points + ticket Champions League

Finalist --- 150 points + ticket Champions League

Semi finalist --- 100 points

Quarter finalist --- 60 points

First round --- 30 points

KOSFO Champions League ( Starts 10 January 2016 )

All finalists of the past 8 big tournaments participate in this event . The first round is a group stage where the 4 best ranked winners of tournaments are the heads of the group followed by the  next 4 best ranked winners/finalists of tournaments. The other 2 spots in the group get filled in randomly. The points for the ranking are by far the highest in this tournament. The losing finalist gets +400, which is the price for the winner of the KS championship. When one person reaches multiple finals in a year, the top ranked members who not reached a final will compete.

Group stage: Best of 1 set

Second round: Best of 3 sets

Semi finals: Best of 5 sets

Final: Best of 7 sets

After each 2 sets there is a pause from 10 mins for the fighters.

For the set system see the KSFO KS Championship.

Point system:

Winner of the KOSFO Champions League --- 500 points + ticket for next year if one fighter been in multiple finals

Finalist --- 400 points + ticket for next year if 2 fighters been in multiple finals

Semi Finalists --- 300 points

Second round ---  150 points

First round --- 75 points 

Seeded people: Reginaldus, Jupe

KOSFO Duo Tournament ( Starts  right after the CL final )

The only tournament where you fight in a team. Fighters can sign up from a certain date with a partner to play in this tournament. You can team up with anyone you want, there are no rules to this.  Every team is allowed and asked to chose their own name when they sign up for this tournament. If a team doesn't give a teamname, the KOSFO will make a name for that team.  The KOSFO will see how many teams will sign up. When that's decided, the format will be decided. That goes in this way:

4/5/6/7 participating teams = competition

 8 - 15 participating teams = group + knock out

16 or more ( very rare ) = knock out

This is the fighting system: ( explained by 2 teams representing countries )

England - France: Team England: Harry and Barry, Team France: Pierre and Pierrick

Harry vs Pierre best of 3, Barry vs Pierrick best of 3

Harry vs Pierrick best of 3, Barry vs Pierre best of 3

Duo fight, all 4 players are able to hit both the opponents + you can not move. Only blocking, pms, hits and tallies are allowed. Best of 3.

For each 1 v 1 fight a team gets 1 point, for the duo fight the winning team gets 2 points. When there is a draw, another duo fight decides the result ( best of 1 ). If one team won all the single fights, there is no need to have a duo fight ( 4-0 score can max. become 4-2, 3-1 score can become 3-3 so then there is a duo fight ).

The KOSFO Duo Tournament doesn't count for the KOSFO Ranking, though the winners get a ticket for the KOSFO CL.

KOSFO Cup ( Starts 1 April 2016 )

In this tournament the top 16 of the KOSFO ranking participate. What's great about this tournament is that it's possible that the #1 seeded fights the #2 seeded in round 1 if the drawing decides that. After each round there's another draw.This is not in any other tournaments where the top ** are safe the first round(s). These are the length of the matches:

First round ----> Best of 5 fights

Quarter finals ----> Best of 7 fights

Semi finals ----> Best of 7 fights

Final ----> Best of 9 fights

Point system:

Winner of the KOSFO Cup --- 260 points + ticket  Champions League

Finalist --- 180 points + ticket Champions League

Semi finalists --- 120 points

Quarter finalists --- 80 points 

First round --- 60 points

KOSFO Competition battle ( starts 10 May 2016) Signing up opening all people: 1 May  , Signing up top 8: 25 April  this event has started earlier

This is a sign up tournament. The first 10 signing up will fight in this very easy competition system. You only fight 1 match best of 1 against every other person on the table. The top 4 fight against eachother #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3 in a best of 3. The best 2 of these 4 fight in a final of best of 5.

Poinst system:

Winner of the KOSFO Competition battle --- 220 points + automatically signed up for next year's competition + ticket Champions League

Finalist --- 150 points + automatically signed up for next year's competition + ticket Champions League

Semi finalist --- 120 points

#5,#6, --- 90 points

#7, #8 --- 60 points

#9, #10 --- 30 points

KOSFO KS Championship ( Starts start of June 2016 )

The KOSFO KS Championship can be seen as the most important tournament of the year. In this tournament the top 8 of the KOSFO ranking are seeded. The other 8 will be decided by: 2 tournaments in which the winners and finalists  of one of them get a ticket +  2 highest non qualified ranked on Non Major ranking + the winners of a prelimanary between #9 ranked against #12 and #11 against #10 ( best of 5, if one of the 4 already qualified then #10 will become #9 and #11 will become #10 etc. ) .  From the beginning it's already knock out. With this tournament you can get the most points for the KOSFO ranking. That's not only because a lot of people join in, but it's because of the long matches. The top 8 are safe in the first round to meet eachother, they will meet one of the 8 qualifiers. Here is the system:

First round ----> Best of 3 sets

Quarter finals ----> Best of 5 sets

Semi finals ----> Best of 5 sets

Final ----> Best of 7 sets

The final of this tournament can be the longest match of the wholeKOSFO year by far. For people who don't understand the set system:

To win 1 set you need to win 2 single fights ( one set is best of 3 ). It's not that you get 1 set point for each 2 fights you win, when a set of best of 3 is finished you lose your fights won in the last set every time. To have an idea of how long a fight can take, I'll give the final as example. You need to win 4 sets, means you need to win 4x2= 8(!) fights.. If all sets go to a 3rd and deciding fight in this match, you would have 7x3= 21 fights. Don't worry, there will be pauses of ±10 mins after every 2 sets, so from the second round you could get pauses. 

Why are the matches so long? Now there is not only the timing and blocking skills that decide matches, but also the stamina of a fighter. It's important for fighters to keep their concentration the whole match. Also non laggers get more time to get used to a lagger. Normally in a best of 3 a lagger will always win, but now the opponent will get the time to know when to hit the other player to damage him. Still worried about laggers? Read rule 12.

Point system:

Winner of the KOSFO KS Championship --- 500 points + ticket Champions League

Finalist --- 300 points + ticket Champions League

Semi finalists --- 200 points

Quarter finalists --- 120 points

First round --- 70 points